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All We Really Are Are The Memories That We've Made

I am a writer, a writer of fictions

21 August 1964
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I always say I do two things very well: Write and cook. All the rest I had to work hard on. I write articles and CD reviews for a number of country music websites, and remain passionately devoted to real country music (and not that junk coming out of Nashville). I have spent the last few years working on a novel which won second place in the 2005 SouthWest Writers competition (fantasy/SF division), and hope to publish it. I like many things with an all-consuming passion which may be why I still haven't decided what to do with myself when I grow up (besides write). From SF in general to such things in specific as Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, REAL country music, vampires, many things Western, etc., etc., etc. I was born in Wyoming, spent a few years in New Mexico, and grew up in Arizona. Have been living in Phoenix since 1986, most of those years with my lovely and talented Significant Other, Barb (also of LiveJournal fame). We have cats and a dog. I struggle mightily with weight, rowing up the endless and powerful current of a deep addiction to chocolate in all forms.