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In which I wax weekend

Friday I received my yearly bonus. It was nice and large, and I carefully put away a good-sized chunk in what we hope will become an emergency/vacation fund (the first we've really had in our "married" lives...). Then I took a good deal of what was left and went to CostCo, where rahirah reminded me I needed a new monitor. This I knew, but I'd had my mind set on new boots. I bought the monitor. I can pretty much read this thing from across the room. It's very cool, but I'm not sure if the colors are quite correct, although I've checked every single setting through a couple of times. There's a washed-out look... maybe it's the brightness. Let me check. That didn't do anything. Also, the icons on the menu bar at the bottom are weird looking, like you can see each pixel. But it's nice to be able to read a number of websites now without having to scroll the screen back and forth.

I still want new boots.

I can't figure out why CostCo didn't have Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. They usually have the big new releases out in a huge display. Oh, well. I did get Lady and the Tramp, and other than the usual "stuff we need at CostCo," it wasn't too bad. I paid all my bills and still have spending money as well as the stuff in savings, so I did well.

But I still want new boots. :)

Oh, that helps some, getting some of the blue turned down. The colors still look a little washed out, though.

I finished the first of the interviews and a number of people agreed they were a pain to transcribe, but we will persevere. I did request payment on future attempts, though.

Friday night I went to see Dave Insley, the best of the local Americana performers. A great show, as usual. He's a kick. I always have a lot of fun with Dave. For anyone who likes Americana (mostly country-rock styled, pure roots, with a solid baritone and some crisp lyrics), check out my buddy Dave. He's heading out to California (and Texas) for the rest of the month (you can check his touring schedule here. Be sure to note the quote under the photo on the right-hand side.

Otherwise it was another great weekend of Baldur's Gate, the usual laundry, and cats. Took Mom out to lunch today with sillymagpie, which was pretty good, and now it's Oscar time. I'm sorry Jake Gyllenhaal didn't win Best Supporting Actor, but I enjoyed Jon Stewart's opening routine.
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