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In which I am a sucker

I agreed to transcribe a couple of interviews for the website I write reviews for, since I'm the fastest typist. I didn't even ask for pay. This was stupid of me. I'm getting the old "typing from tape" back and shoulder and my left hand is doing the numb-and-tingling it hasn't done in YEARS. (I guess typing for myself is somewhat different from typing from a recording.) Argh. I just wrote to my webmistress and told her I'd do these two 'cause I promised, but if she wants me doing any more, I used to make $13 an hour typing dictation (and that was crisp, clear, and people weren't laughing and talking over each other, usually).

I thought I was coming down with something yesterday, but I guess it was just a headache. I slept for an hour after getting home from work and slept more through the night and felt much better this morning.

I've had enough calories for the day but I'm still feeling snacky. Dang it. Must not eat more! I finally dropped off that old plateau, and I'm not hankering to climb back up.

Back to grind. {{SIGH}}
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