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Dreams and other wacky things

Of late my body has taken it into mind to wake up about 3:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom, and then after I'm done, staying awake to listen to the cats meander around the room. I usually can't get back to sleep for an hour or so, by which time I'm frustrated and upset because my mind, at least, knows it has to get up in another hour. So finally when Cuervo walked up me and let out his plaintive "Mrow?" in my face, I gripped him by his big, fuzzy body and said, "Will you just let me sleep?" and put him down at the foot of the bed. He curled up and went to sleep, and oddly, so did I.

I dreamed I was at a Dwight Yoakam concert, but Dwight never showed up. We sat and waited and finally some guy came out and sang a few songs, and then abruptly stopped in the middle and the curtain came down. People around me started to complain, and I told the guy behind me that this was the second time Dwight had done this at the same venue, and the last time I'd actually seen him there it was a piss-poor show. They started showing slides as people left, and finally began a movie. I gathered up my belongings and left, I think, although by that time Barb's mom and Maggie were with me. We got home to where we were moving in and Barb was sick (which may be why she wasn't with us at the concert) and I started cleaning things up -- there was cherry juice on the new clock -- but then there was an abrupt shift. I remember continuing to watch the movie they'd started at the concert hall -- some Meg Ryan sapfest -- and thinking, "Oh, yeah, I've seen this movie," which appeared to have standard madcap heroine and hijinks galore and then I was either in the movie or something else had happened; I vaguely remember fountains and hills and some other mess; but then I was arriving at a parking garage that seemed to be where I worked, although it wasn't the parking garage at my actual office, and as I drove in, a red van followed me, and I parked on the top floor. As I did, I heard someone below me yell, "That's my space, and you know it!" and in the dream I knew who it was but I don't now. I had a purpose, and I knew I wasn't going to be there very long. I carried some crumbled papers as I ran across the top of the garage, which I threw away as I started down the steps, whether to hide from this person or play a joke, I'm not sure, coming across on the floor underneath. But then Barb came and sat down on the bed near my head, tilting the mattress and waking me, saying something and I tried to answer her. Only she didn't. It was the next layer of the dream, because I woke up and she was still sleeping on my other side and the mattress wasn't tilted at all.

Then the alarm rang.
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