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Friday, Friday

So why is it that construction companies will buy a property, tear out all the grass and trees that were there, and then leave the dirt lot bare for the next God-knows-how-many months? It's drier than the proverbial bone here (130 days with rain) and these dirt lots are now nothing but dust that gets kicked up in the slightest motion of wind, people walking, or cars driving by, thereby adding to the extraordinarily high particulate count in the air. Why don't construction companies leave the grass and trees alone until they can actually put a building on the lot?

My back hurts.

I have a cat on my lap. It makes typing difficult.

I finished my review, although not as early as I had planned. I don't get home from work these days until 5:30 at the VERY EARLIEST, often later if traffic is bad or we have to work late, and that makes it hard to get anything done in the early pre-dinner evening. I have stacks and stacks and stacks of stuff to do on my desk, including filling out the long questionnaire I've been sent for jury duty -- not just ordinary jury duty, this is a pre-assigned Federal case they're selecting for, and selection doesn't even begin until April. I guess with a big case the screening starts early. The questionnaire is 22 pages long. I may have to get out the old manual typewriter -- I have appalling handwriting when I have to write that much. It's a case they expect to last four to six months, four days a week (Tuesday through Friday). I'm of two minds about it -- on the one hand, fascinating case, nifty to sit the jury in such a thing; on the other hand, six months of jury duty?!?! Of course, there's a surpassingly small chance I'll be selected, but still.

Now I think it's time for bed. YAWN.
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