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Not much to say

I find myself actually agreeing with Bush. Those port terminals have been under foreign control for years. Why is Arab control bad while British, Danish, and Chinese control good? Do Americans just distrust Arabs because they're Arabs? Plus, according to NPR, this is just a basic change of CEO. The actual people working at the port terminals won't change at all, and they don't handle security anyway.

Another two pounds down. Whew! I was afraid I really couldn't get off this plateau at all, but I can do it! Today I listened to a homeopathic doctor at work as she told us that aspartame causes weight gain and nerve damage, and sugar causes every sickness in the world in addition to obesity (which I know has been disproved, many times), so I took a lot of what she said with a grain or two of salt (especially since apparently all grains are evil, too).

I have named my iPod Iggy.
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