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Today I was a terrible candy devourer. I don't know what it is about chocolate that makes me lose all ability to say "No thanks, I'm not hungry." They have these new "inside out" Reeses, where there's a cup full of fudge shrouded inside a peanut butter coating. It's evil, I tell you, evil. But I must be strong, for the holidays approach. I DID do my 30 minutes stair walking today, hooray for me.

I woke up feeling tired and have remained so all day long. I don't know why, I went to bed early and everything, but I did a little tossing and turning and dreaming odd dreams (something about a scorpion crawling up the wall and falling on a table, where Barb (rahirah) said, "Eh, it's not a real one" and smashed it with a brick).

Recently checked out a new religion, Pieism ( http://www.freewebs.com/pieism/index.htm ). Not sure if I can convert, I am a cake lover. Not to mention cookies (which aren't specifically mentioned, but I assume if cake is evil, so must cookies be).

Tomorrow is "Angel." I'm ready and excited and counting the minutes. No, seriously, that's how thrilling my life is, honest. I don't even have any reviews due until Friday, and I wrote both of them last month because I got the promos so early. (One of them I can't even remember where I put it, so I can't even listen to it again.) I'm trying to avoid all the doomsayers who keep saying that Mutant Enemy has screwed Spike in the past and will always screw Spike in the future, because I have, thus far, trusted the writers of "Angel" and I like to think I'll like what I'll see, so I'm trying valiantly to avoid spoilers and approach with my rose-colored vision unimpaired. Yay, Angel! Yay, Spike!

Next step: More cleaning. At this rate, the house will be spotless when my Mom comes for Thanksgiving.
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