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Oh, I am so fat

I gained three pounds. Gained. For over three years I managed to maintain a steady weight and just a little gain last year has put me back at square one, apparently impossible to lose. Grump.

Johari Window. I blame sillymagpie:

My desk here is a mess. I have four reviews due tomorrow and I've barely started them. I noticed today at work that both of the girls who were promoted to trainer over me are making glaring mistakes, and I suppose there was a reason I wasn't asked to be a trainer, but still. My numbers set the average for the entire Zone, and I come close to being the biggest producer company-wide, and so far with our "focus on quality," I also seem to have the lowest error rate. More grump.

But lest anyone think I'm in a bad mood, I'm not. Just mild agitation, that's all. I need more time in the day...
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