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Happy Statehood Day!

Or, for those of you not in Arizona, Happy Valentine's Day, too. (And, apparently, "Singles Awareness Day."

One hundred and nineteen days without rain. As January and February are usually the wettest months of the year, this is A Very Bad Thing.

I love the NY Times sometimes. They pointed out that if Cheney had just announced the hunting accident instead of apparently hiding it, it would have been quickly forgotten. Instead of being the stuff of hilarity (I only saw five of the Top Ten). The Times editorial page is starting to really come down hard on the administration, and while it's a little late, it's appreciated.

If you go to a See's Candies on Valentine's Day, be prepared for a wait and for a LARGE quantity of free samples. I mean, they give 'em to you any time you go there, but today they were giving out WHOLE candy bars. That was my lunch. :-)

I had more to say, but of course I've now forgotten.

Off I go with my sweetie, once we decide where to eat.
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