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Old, urban, and not-so-hip-hop

Okay, I've fallen head-over-heels in love with actual designer clothes. It started because the logo is a cute kitty, and I found some earrings with said cute kitty. From there I found the matching necklace. Then in Vegas I discovered there were jeans. And tops. And shoes. And handbags. And they're all really, really cute. When I came home I found it was a whole New York designer line -- Baby Phat -- and much of the stuff comes the cute cat embroidered on pockets and used as zipper pulls and such. Of course, this line is aimed at a marketing niche I only fill two of three points on. I am urban (mostly because of where I live), but I am decidedly not young and hip-hop. So finding the stuff isn't easy. There are stores at Metro Center and Fashion Square, and she DOES make clothes in my size; there is, in fact, a lot of stuff for an "older" crowd, and the jeans are to die for adorable. I love the shoes and the purses, too.

Only when I got a pair of the boots off eBay (for less than half their retail price, mind), I found they're flashy and quilted and I'm not sure what to wear 'em with... They aren't my usual style of boot. :-)

I've found in the last couple of years that as I've lost weight and look better overall that I really, really LOVE shopping for and buying cute clothes, in a way I never did when I actually was young, so -- I'm gonna go for it when I can afford it!

The last four episodes of Arrested Development were awesome. The greatest show that ever was. It's too bad more sitcoms can't be that smart and that silly and that funny all at once. It was never as poignant as Scrubs can be, but it was always sharp. I'm gonna miss it. I can't wait for Season 3 to hit DVD. I did cough up for Season 2 at last, though.
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