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On Asshats and Ideology

Yesterday I listened to a goodly portion of the hearings on the warrantless wiretaps, wherein Alberto Gonzales proved he may be even more of a weasel than his King Weasel boss. I became incoherent with rage after listening to Arlen Specter grill him and him not answer a single question directly. It was terrifying. Will no one hold these people accountable for what they've done? What they're doing? My mother has always been a very conservative Republican and SHE thinks Bush is a scary, horrible man.

Today it's okay to listen in on the conversations of "Americans who are talking with al Queda." Tomorrow it'll be "Americans who might be talking with al Queda." Then "Americans who talk to people overseas." "Americans who talk to people who don't like America." "Americans who disagree with me." "With dissenters." "Anybody we want." It's a slippery slope, President Asshat.

Yesterday I was without my iPod for the day (forgetfulness, mostly), so I dug out my radio and listened to NPR all day. There's nothing like listening to what's going on in the world to get one's mind going, and unfortunately, it seems like everything is no longer GOING to hell in the handbasket, we're already there. So. We have a guy who's being tried for being a co-conspirator in the attacks on 9/11. He's confessed. He's obviously a fanatic and an insane man and he admits he's done terrible things. However, he's not actually killed anyone, since he was not involved in the attacks themselves. So they want to give him the death sentence. Is America now going to sentence people to death for THINKING about committing terrorist acts?

Americans have become so fond of their own stupidity they are happily willing to turn over every bit of the freedom that was won by the founding fathers so that Big Brother Asshat and his lockstepping lackeys can tell us what to do and "keep us safe." "Keep us safe, Mr. Government Man, I can't think for myself!" In the meantime, a budget guaranteed to destroy America further -- this morning one senator put it so, "It took 42 presidents 214 years to build up a federal deficit of three trillion dollars, and this president has doubled it in five years." Included are cuts in social programs like Medicare, lots and lots of such cuts, but more tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations and billions more for Iraq and Afghanistan. In the meantime, China is kicking our ass in the financial world and owns our butt. If they call our debts, we're in shit city.

Today was the 112th consecutive day without rain in Phoenix, and most of Arizona. There is a forest fire, the first of the season, burning on the Mogollon Rim. There should be three feet of snow on the rim at this time of the year, but there's been no precipitation. It was 81 degrees today in Phoenix, which is =ELEVEN DEGREES= above the normal. It will be 80 again tomorrow.

But according to President Asshat, there is no such thing as global warming.

Now I remember why I stopped listening to NPR all day (iPod aside)...
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