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Okay, I didn't watch or listen to any of the State of the Union speech, because I didn't want to spend the entire evening shouting, "You asshat!" at the screen. But I heard a lot of the commentary today on NPR. Sounds like I didn't miss much, it was pretty much the same speech he's given every year since he's been sitting in Al Gore's office. "Blah blah freedom, blah blah freedom, blah blah 9/11, blah blah terrorists, blah blah freedom, blah blah blah." And he wanted a legacy. He's got it. Samuel Alito. Oh, what has happened to my country! He said this: "We must continue to lead the world in human talent and creativity. Our greatest advantage in the world has always been our educated, hard-working, ambitious people and we are going to keep that edge." Uh huh. The other night I was watching a show on the Three Gorges Dam in China, and just looking at the Chinese cities along the Yangtze showed they're beating us financially for a reason.

The NY Times had a great editorial about State of the Union speeches. I liked this bit: How can President Bush avoid referring to recent setbacks? When things are really bad, follow Herbert Hoover's Depression-era technique of referring to places so distant that no one could possibly form an opinion about them: "In South America we are proud to have had part in the settlement of the longstanding dispute between Chile and Peru in the disposal of the question of Tacna-Arica"(1929), followed by this: Also, the word "freedom" can't be used too many times. Or words like "great" and "good." Richard Nixon may have set the record for most adjectives in a single sentence when he declared, "America is a great and good land, and we are a great and good land because we are a strong, free, creative people and because America is the single greatest force for peace anywhere in the world" (1974). Hee! Gives me something to chuckle about.

The other day I was lamenting that other countries in this world have women presidents, while in America (the supposed land of the free, etc., etc.) it's still considered a wacky fiction. In my ranting, I said "Libya" rather than "Liberia," which is the surprise country most recently to elect a woman president. One of my many malapropisms. That's why I'm a much better writer than speaker.

In the mornings I still open the door expecting porch cats, any of them, although Stranger's ghost seems to be hovering around (I almost see her waiting on the desk we have on the porch, just like she always was, when I come out in the mornings). I hope Dusty found a home. He seemed healthy and well-fed the last time he came around to say howdy. But I miss him.

It's been very busy at work, but today we caught up. Mondays we get slammed, spend two days catching up, and then have nothing to do on Thursdays and Fridays. Mail is a strange thing. In good news, my raise has come through and will go into effect on February 11 (it will appear on my March 3 paycheck); it only amounts to about $47 extra a check, which will likely be eaten by the more expensive health insurance, but hey. My bonus is nice and huge and should appear in the same check, because my company in their wisdom cuts the bonus along WITH a paycheck instead of as a separate check, so once a year we get a huge check (and the accompanying gigantic tax hit).

I only lost one pound since my last "official weigh-in," but considering that was over vacation, I don't think it was too bad.
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