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Happy New Year!

Sorry, I never can remember how to say it properly in Chinese. I so totally suck at languages. But here we are in 4704, the Year of the Dog. And how arbitrary calendars are. I bet the Chinese didn't worry when the year 2000 came around, back before our current calendar even started.

I always so enjoy Las Vegas, although I seem to have come home tired and sore and either catching something or just feeling icky. Not sure. The plane trip back was way better than the one going. the Phoenix-to-Vegas was packed to the gills, but coming back the plane was almost empty. Very relaxing. I got my bag and found rahirah at the baggage carousels, and was home before two on Thursday. I did a few things, took a little nap, and then Friday went to volunteer at the State Farm booth at the Chinese Cultural Center, bought some rice crackers, did some errands for my Mom (See's Candies aren't sold on the east coast, so I'm the supplier for the transplanted Westerners and other See's converts back there), and got my review for BR549 done. We watched the week's shows I'd missed (at least Boston Legal and Scrubs). I baked "cheat" cookies (ready-made dough from Nestle) and made pasta with meatballs (Trader's Joes, not from scratch) and sauce. Pretty tasty.

Saturday was some shopping and taking Barb's mom out to lunch, then back for some Baldur's Gate and then later watched one of the NetFlix shows for the week, the amusing Dead and Breakfast, a campy little zombie flick that was good because it knew exactly what it was. Besides, some good actors (and really good music). More Baldur's Gate today, and now relaxing while waiting for the pork chops to bake.

I did re-gain a little weight (oops!) in Vegas, but it's back to the counting with tomorrow. I really didn't think I'd done too badly; I managed to get in a workout and a half at the Bellagio spa, not to mention miles and miles and miles of walking (my mother NEVER stops -- she's 70 years old and has more energy than anyone I know), but a few rich and heavy meals, even so.

It was a good week.
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