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Vegas, day two

Yesterday we just walked around and looked at things. It's a LOT further "down the block" to the Rio than it appears from the Strip. Ate lunch at Todd English's "Olives," which is high-toned Mediterranean, and VERY good. Checked the prices and menu at Emeril's, which isn't too bad for lunch (around upper Olive Garden), but today we're going the other way to see "Avenue Q" at the Wynn, so not sure where we'll eat today.

Airport Madness: When Mom wasn't waiting at the gate for me, I hung out up at the gates for a brief bit, then, not wanting to miss my luggage, decided I'd run down to the baggage carousels and grab my bag, and hope Mom would meet me down there. She was not there, but having sewn a patch on my bag, I saw it from a distance on the carousel and grabbed it instantly, then waited at the information desk, a nice central location where one MUST pass before leaving. And waited. And waited. And waited. And worried. Had Mom paged. Started to worry more. If something had happened, there was no way to get in touch with me (ah, sometimes not having a cell phone does make a difference, I see); I didn't have any money to speak of, and my plane back doesn't go until Thursday. Paged again. Waited. And then, suddenly, there she was! She'd been waiting up closer to the gates, instead of waiting at the carousel (despite having told me on the phone she wasn't planning on checking, she had; and we're apparently some of the last people on earth who do so, since on my flight every single bit of space in the overheads was taken and they had to check things into the back), where she saw my plane was unloading right after hers (don't ask me how my mother's mind works).

The Wi-Fi connection at the Bellagio doesn't appear very strong. I kept losing it last night, and even now it's giving me a "low connection" warning, but at least it's working. I suppose they really want me to buy the no doubt overpriced ethernet cable that's in the mini bar...

Bellagio: Best hotel beds EVER. I see now the joy of really, really, REALLY high quality feather pillows. Ah.... Not to mention chocolates on the pillows and all that stuff. Very nice room. Amazing bathroom. The indoor flower garden ("Conservatory") is all made up for the Chinese New Year with very cool fountains and statues made of flowers and a big dog (Year of the Dog, and all) that barks and wags its tail. Behind there is a little dessert place with designer chocolates and beautiful pastries, gelato, and the World's Largest Chocolate Fountain, which flows from the ceiling with two different colors of chocolate (light and dark) and is really lovely.
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