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Holy Cow

It's Thursday already. Shoot!

Unfortunately, I had to skim a LOT of posts last evening and didn't have time for even that. Seems any time I miss a day or two everyone posts mega long articles and has things happening in their lives and I can't keep up. I'll see if I can do something this weekend, but this week I have some paying work which took up all my time on Monday, then Tuesday was the big NCIS/House/Boston Legal block, and last night was Lost (although it would have been nice if they had said, "clip show followed by new episode," rather than billing it as a "two-hour EVENT!" I could have done a few shorts while the clip show was on... although there were at least two clips I don't remember having seen before).

Lovin' Mr. Eko.

Anyway, I'm being paid to do the spot-bios on all the Grammy nominees in the Country categories. While some of them will be fun, what I've done so far is get the drass out of the way. Believe me, it was NOT easy to write a bio on Rascal Flatts without being snide, but somehow, I did it (especially when one of the subject bios I was reading for information called their harmonies "pleasing." On what planet?). Fortunately, they don't have to be long, but I have to write 25 of them by Friday, and I only have 11 done. That is what I must do tonight, and not catch up on LiveJournal.

Off to work.
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