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  • Sun, 10:59: RT @KlatuBaradaNiko: A deer🦌 entered a Colorado store. The shop owner gave him some cookies. The deer🦌 came out of the store and came bac…
  • Sun, 11:00: RT @Nelba_MG: The other day I went to the UPS store. The lady took my package, looked at it & said, “Sandy Hook”? And then she shuddered. I…
  • Sun, 11:10: Here Are Five Things You Can Do to Fight Gun Violence in America Right Now https://t.co/xUfXOiW5TW via @TheMarySue
  • Sun, 11:12: RT @DemocracyStorm: 160 ads per month by Trump on FB talking about an “invasion of immigrants” 5 ads PER DAY. Who is being targeted with…
  • Sun, 11:13: RT @mmpadellan: Anybody ELSE needing a reason to be cheerful today, please join me to say Happy Birthday Barack Obama! You will ALWAYS be…
  • Sun, 11:17: RT @JohnJHarwood: in other words, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is blocking both election security legislation and gun backgroun…
  • Sun, 11:20: 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 https://t.co/G8ssxeacGp
Tags: #dayton, #daytonshooting, #elpaso, #elpasoshooting, #fixyourgunlaws, #moscowmitch, #texasmassshooting, #thoughtsandprayers, twitter
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