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My iPod has a mind of its own. I think there are specific songs it likes better than other songs. I have around 760 - 800 songs loaded on my iPod at any one time. The battery lasts about 16, 17 hours or so, which means I can usually shuffle through about 200 of them before I have to recharge the battery and the shuffle re-sets. Whenever it resets, it will often play its favorites rather than reaching for songs I have actually forgotten are on there. Some of my iPod's very favorites include everything by Billy Joe Shaver and Alan Jackson (to the point where on the last few resets I took both out of the load playlist, just 'cause it was annoying me), Waylon Jennings' Let's All Help the Cowboy Sing the Blues (while I don't think it's ever played me Brown-Eyed Handsome Man, which I know is there), the two cheatin' songs on Robbie Fulks' Georgia Hard album but none of the other tracks, it likes Guy Clark's Randall Knife and it's very partial to Dale Watson's Truckin' Sessions CD, although only certain tracks, again. It absolutely adores Brad Paisley's instrumental The Nervous Breakdown, loves two of the cuts from John Hiatt's Beneath This Gruff Exterior, notably The Nagging Dark and How Bad's The Coffee. And since I digitized Leslie Fish's old old old Rudyard Kipling-set-to-music tapes and loaded them, it really enjoys The Winners/A Death Bed and "Birds of Prey" March. It also loves Johnny Cash Sings the Ballads of the True West, especially The Road to Kaintuck, Hardin Wouldn't Run, and Mister Garfield; but it isn't so fond of Johnny with June, since although there's an entire album of their duets loaded there, it's only played two (and one of them was Jackson). It likes Johnny Cash, but it's very particular about which Cash (it may be likely there's more Cash than anything loaded on there right now).

It also appears to dislike the Kinks, while it always pulls random tracks from Kane's one and only 8-song disc (although especially Spirit Boy) quite a lot (Kane is an Americana group headed by Christian Kane, who played Lindsey on Angel; I knew the group long before I realize who the "Kane" in Kane was. They're pretty awesome, and working on their second album between his acting gigs). It likes John Lennon, but only plays Daydream Believer from the Monkees. I eventually took off a lot of the more commonplace Dwight songs, since those were being given heavy rotation over the obscure tracks, but it does love his version of Common Day Man. Oh, and it's REALLY partial to the Refreshments' Suckerpunch.

There's about .25 of a gig on my iPod that you can't use (it's a 4-gig deal, and you can only load about 3.72 gigs worth of music). Theoretically that's used for some games and a clock and a calendar, but I think there's also a diabolical DJ in there who has its own ideas...
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