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Walking and Wailing

So which is better, to be walked on at all hours of the night (usually from 2:30 on) or to listen to the wails of an incarcerated cat after I finally got tired of the former?

Unfortunately, our house is so small there is no room in the house where the cage can be put where he will not be heard, and while most of the time Cairo doesn't let on he's Siamese vocally, when he's in the cage magically his tiny "mwow" is amplified to massive proportions.

Then, of course, once Cairo was in jail, Cuervo decided it was HIS turn to walk. Only he walks AND wails at the same time.

I'm so tired. I'm so glad it's Friday. And payday, although much has already gone to pay some Christmas bills. Still, I think I'm going to buy that embroidered jacket I posted here in my "wish list" before Christmas. It's on sale now. :)

Last night I was writing some new scenes for Possible Book Two and watching some Shark Week shows when I was suddenly struck by a deep ennui. Feeling cold and despondent, I took a hot bath and went to bed. Now I wonder if I was just tired because of all the walking on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

I wonder if we could figure out a way to rearrange the bedroom (which has been in this configuration for many years now) so that the bed is not under the window. That's usually the driving force behind such moves, as several cats ago there was a similar problem with the bed being the Super Highway to the windowsill.

I wonder which would be cheaper/better in the long run, to get a HO loan to expand and beautify this house, or sell it, pay Mom back, and buy a slightly larger one? (A question that really doesn't have to be answered until my creditors accept a settlement offer.) With the prices that some of the houses in this neighborhood have been going for lately, it's still a great time to sell... but it's a crap time to buy, of course.


(Pictured in icon is the only good cat, Silhouette, who curls up and sleeps through the night. Good kitty. Good kitty.)
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