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I think I'm too lazy to do a "Year in Review." The best thing about this year was winning that writing award, I think. That was the big one. I got a lot of nice commentary from people I reviewed, which was nice. Heard some REALLY damned fine music last year, so much I found it nearly impossible to narrow it down to ten (and having gotten John Prine's Fair and Square for Christmas, am sorry I didn't get it early enough to add to the list).

It looks like I finished my book, I thought, in January. February and March had no exciting happenings. It was in July I went to one-word subject lines in my journal. (I don't know why.) We watched all of Farscape this year and of course got hooked on House. It was on July 22 I got the "you won" announcement from the SWW folks and started considering the trip to Albuquerque, and that was just before I went to Vegas with Mom and then returned to move sillymagpie, and started re-gaining weight for the first time in three years {argh}.

I posted a lot about politics (I've been avoiding news lately, again... I was happy when the approval ratings were dropping, but God help us all, they're going up again. What is this weird hold these people have on the common folk?), I rambled about this and that, rahirah and I played through Baldur's Gate (we're working on BG II now), and in September the NY Times online cut me off of my editorial columnists (which may be when I stopped paying as much attention to what was going on out there), and I won 2nd Place in the SWW competition.

Then I discovered that 291,614 words was too long for a first novel (unless I already had connections). Oh, well. Back to the drawing board. I put the second book on hold (I hadn't gotten too far in it, but was coming up to a pivotal scene) and started making serious cuts.

And now here we are. A new year. For some reason today after we got the tree down and everything put away, I was overcome with a severe feeling of malaise, as though I'd been let down or something, and I can't explain why.

This year: Lose weight tops the list. I need to eat better and watch those calories, and get in at least three workouts a week (if not more). This will be a challenge, since of course there's a ton of food left over, because I am chronically unable to host a New Year's Party for only three. At least it's mostly cheese and crackers this time -- which are okay, provided I actually weigh the cheese and count the crackers and not just stuff them down my neck without thinking about it (I got all the leftover goose meat off the bones and ground it in the food processor and made a pretty darned good goose salad with it).

I am going to try to further de-clutter this house, too.

I don't know what other resolutions I want to make. I guess I'll take the year as it comes.

Happy New Year, y'all.


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Jan. 3rd, 2006 01:14 am (UTC)
I'm going to miss that tree. It was a tree of uber-niftiness.

I am going to try to further de-clutter this house, too.

Bwahahaha! Er, was that my "outside laugh"?

I'm still comparing and contrasting fitness options. I am leery of doing the gym routine again, but it may be the most regular thing. I also have a few calls to make to some tai chi places to find out about rates.
Jan. 3rd, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)
It could happen! It could also rain here in Phoenix, but I know it's one of those very iffy things. :D

I know a gym isn't the funnest thing in the world, but with headphones and a book for the treadmill, it's at least someplace where I can put the brain on hold for a while. It's the only place I can get the weights done regularly. I'll do walking/stairmaster at home, but not the weights. They just said on Channel 5 that most gyms are offering "new year" bargain packages, even.
Jan. 4th, 2006 03:37 am (UTC)
I can't figure out the approval ratings thing, either. Something I heard or read recently suggested they're tied to the economy, because so many people can't see beyond their own concerns, but it doesn't seem to me that the average person is any better off, so where the hell does that come from?

I've decided to resolve to gain weight. I figure whenever I resolve to lose, the opposite happens, so this seems like it could be a workable strategy. And if not, at least it's a resolution I'll be able to keep.
Jan. 4th, 2006 04:38 am (UTC)
Near as I can tell, some people actually buy his "heartfelt" speeches, because it was after a spat of well-spun BS that the approval rating went back up again. Of course, these are probably the same people who honestly believe the president should be above the law (although that seems to only apply to times when the president wishes to ignore the Constitution and revoke civil liberties, not when he's lying about cheating on his wife).

I don't know if I'll ever understand...

You know, that might work. I wouldn't have so far to go if I hadn't gotten so lazy after my last vacation. I was maintaining just fine for years on a normal amount of food, but then for some reason I went back to my old sloppy habits and stuffing my face way too much with way too bad stuff.
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