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  • Thu, 15:17: RT @daveweigel: The prospect of a Biden/Trump campaign where one candidate talks concilation and one is 100% on attack reminds me of this O…
  • Thu, 15:20: RT @choochoobear: One day I hope to have 20,000 people sign a petition to have my work removed from a place it already isn't. Until then,…
  • Thu, 15:20: RT @GabbyGiffords: The House passed the bipartisan background checks bill. Senator McConnell is blocking it. Today, I’m delivering this le…
  • Thu, 15:21: RT @TheRickWilson: Biden's biggest mistake wasn't talking about Eastland. It was talking about anything except the defeat of Donald Trump.…
  • Thu, 15:22: RT @QasimRashid: AOC: Close Concentration Camps! GOP: Study history—they’re NOT Concentration Camps Historians: Yes they are GOP: No—ask…
  • Thu, 15:26: Opinion | If someone like Trump had been president in 1944, D-Day never would have happened https://t.co/mrNYLinZSs
  • Thu, 16:53: RT @BadAstronomer: And then, of course, there’s this. And BTW @AOC is right. https://t.co/2nUsuLcRpE
  • Thu, 17:48: This is the greatest thread ever. https://t.co/xxwYux2bdi
  • Thu, 17:50: RT @ewarren: I’m glad to introduce the Refund Equality Act in the Senate. Our bill ensures legally-married, same-sex couples can claim the…
  • Thu, 17:52: RT @ewarren: This is more than just a bad ruling—it’s condoning an ugly attack targeted at women with low incomes and women of color. We’ll…
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