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  • Sun, 08:46: RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Rushed the shooter. Hero. Deserves a President who doesn’t think people like the man who attacked him are fine people.…
  • Sun, 08:48: RT @TheDailyEdge: @PressSec Liberals said Trump would lose-he came 2nd; said he colluded with Russia-he did; said he’d ruin our economy-his…
  • Sun, 08:52: There's a delay boarding our plane due to mechanical issues. "Please stay seated." Where? What gate actually has e… https://t.co/43lSvf63P5
  • Sun, 08:54: RT @timothyj9090: @LaurieHosken @AmoneyResists He is just unutterably weird. But think of all the normal stuff he’s never done: owned a pet…
  • Sun, 08:58: Dizzy spells keep coming, on and off, with no rhyme or reason. I almost wish I wasn't going on this trip. I hope… https://t.co/aJNhbeDQ4h
  • Sun, 08:59: RT @GregShugar: I am so fucking sick of the state of this country under Trump. And anybody who comes back at me with “But the economy” can…
  • Sun, 09:00: RT @VotePulver: Thread: As a NICU nurse, I served on the “Bereavement Team.” We were a special team of Nurses tough enough to help new pare…
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