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  • Thu, 17:03: RT @PeterAlexander: Trump, yesterday: "I gave [Sen. McCain] the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president I had to approve." Wash…
  • Thu, 17:19: RT @DavidCornDC: Hey, I'm beginning to think that Trump, the Republicans, and the whole darn conservative movement didn't really care about…
  • Thu, 17:21: RT @AronEisenberg: “Republicans are always supposed to be in favor of states’ rights,” said Richard Charter, who has worked on oil issues f…
  • Thu, 17:23: Yes! The Faux News logo! I was just looking for one, and there you are! https://t.co/r4XsW5JZs3
  • Thu, 17:24: RT @KaivanShroff: Trump, Pence, Kushner, and Ivanka have all used unsecure, illegal, methods of communication. Yet, coverage of all those…
  • Thu, 17:25: RT @paulkrugman: I thought people had gotten well past the delusion that America has the world's best health care -- let alone imagining th…
  • Thu, 17:32: Florida Man Caught Posing As Middle School Student To Play In Youth Football League (Getting harder, since this me… https://t.co/H2ZUXmcI2r
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