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Life Among The Mundanes

Yesterday I was at work and listening to some of the girls chattering away (I work in a rather noisy unit at times), and one of them chimed up with, "Oh, no! It looks like Legolas dies in the next movie!" I chuckled to myself and kept working, but the girl to whom this would have been the end of the world went racing past me to see, and I had to say, "No, Legolas doesn't die." The response was, "Oh, then it must be Frodo. I saw something that looked like Frodo dies." "No," I assured her, "Frodo doesn't die, either." I considered speaking further, since I've read the book probably upwards of ten thousand times, and assuring them that the only ones who actually "die" in the books don't do so until the appendixes, the "this is what happens in the far future" stuff, but I didn't. I was deeply amused, and in many ways, also rather pleased that people who have never read the books could care so passionately about the movies.

I was exceptionally happy with "Angel" this week. I'm looking forward to this season tremendously. :)

I read a wonderful article this morning. Read it, and maybe it will inspire. It did me (maybe this time it'll stick): http://books.guardian.co.uk/news/articles/0,6109,1043708,00.html
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