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Why is it that feminine hygiene products cost so frellin' much?!? It's not like they're made of gold, and dagnabbit, we're just gonna throw 'em away after use! They're just rolled cotton with a string, for cryin' out loud! @$!#!$^@&%$ I am assuming this morning's moodiness is as connected to this particular time of the month as it is a) cats screaming at the doors at all hours and b) people chatting loudly out on the street and causing the dog to bark at 3 in the morning. So I'm cranky and I'm tired and I didn't get my workout clothes out of the bedroom before rahirah closed me and the cats out, and since she sleeps MUCH more lightly than I do, I don't want to disturb her again. Well, I needed to stop at Bashas' today anyway. Four workouts and I haven't lost any weight. You'd think I'd learn some patience somewhere... GOD, I hate this time of the month...

I cribbed this from a NY Times editorial this morning:

Mr. Bush says everyone had the same intelligence he had - Mr. Clinton and his advisers, foreign governments, and members of Congress - and that all of them reached the same conclusions. The only part that is true is that Mr. Bush was working off the same intelligence Mr. Clinton had. But that is scary, not reassuring. The reports about Saddam Hussein's weapons were old, some more than 10 years old. Nothing was fresher than about five years, except reports that later proved to be fanciful.

. . .

It's hard to imagine what Mr. Bush means when he says everyone reached the same conclusion. There was indeed a widespread belief that Iraq had chemical and biological weapons. But Mr. Clinton looked at the data and concluded that inspections and pressure were working - a view we now know was accurate. France, Russia and Germany said war was not justified. Even Britain admitted later that there had been no new evidence about Iraq, just new politics

Heh. The entire article is here. I suppose it's reassuring that the rest of the country is FINALLY grokking what some of us have known since, oh, March of 2003.

I kinda knew this one:


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

I almost ended up a Dwarf but I changed "mountains" to "pastoral setting" and got more the answer I expected. Much as I've always aspired to be elvin or Numenorean, I think I've known most of my life that I'm a hobbit at heart. :)
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