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White Christmas Makes Me Blue

 Found a Christmas station on Roku that, quite literally, streams EVERYTHING that has ever had anything to do with Christmas ever recorded in the history of recorded media.  We've heard radio shows from the 30's and 40's (including Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone), Fibber McGee & Molly, shows I've never heard of, and I'm listening to Red Ryder (himself!) right now.  I hadn't realized that the music they used in A Christmas Story was actually the Red Ryder theme song.  There's also music.  This morning we heard songs called "Have Yourself a Pornographic Christmas" and "I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis" along with choral versions of "The First Noel" and the usual stuff.  It's... eclectic, at least. 

I was wearing my red Mickey Mouse earrings and one of them had flipped over.  Someone at my office thought I'd managed to find {Company Name} earrings.  I laughed.  (You can infer my company by thinking of the famous logo that could be mistaken for a red Mickey Mouse turned upside-down.)

I have clearly not kept up my "regular posting," which I started several weeks ago and then dropped like a hot rock.  I meant to - honestly - but my days have been hashed up lately.  Of course, I can definitely blame myself for a lot of it, since I started playing Solitaire again, and made the discovery that the updated Microsoft Solitaire games have not only different games, but different levels and difficulties, which keeps the games interesting.  I spent one evening just going, "one more game" on the "hard" level of Spider (four decks, two suits).  

Also, my wrists hurt.  Not like carpal tunnel is supposed to - on the edges, and when I stretch out the thumb-to-pinky extension. Yes, I plan to ask my doctor about it, but I have a physical scheduled for February, which, at this time of year, is probably the soonest I could see her, anyway, so I will just wait.  I got a wrist brace, but naturally I constantly forget to wear it.

The Red Ryder episode ended, and now they're playing Hanson singing Christmas Time.

Bo has managed to break only two ornaments with the Tail of Doom this year.  Although there was the tiny leg of a carousel horse amidst the destruction of the last ball (fortunately one of the old Target ones we bought when we were young and poor), and I can't seem to find where that belongs (either on the tree or on the floor).  I kept it, in case we find the poor horsie when we take down the tree.

I wanted to buy one of the little Italian stone pines they had at Fry's, but while they still had lots of nice ones LAST week, they only had tiny ones left today.  I still got one -- I've wanted one for ages.  I was going to get one this year instead of the big tree, but we decided on the big tree when we couldn't find a little one at the nursery.  Who knew we had to look for it at the grocery store?

And now Barney (yes, the big purple dinosaur) singing Frosty the Snowman.  It is being followed up by Eddie Cantor's Christmas Special.  Not sure of the year.  Late forties, it sounds like. 

Baking cookies this morning.

We fly to Florida Monday afternoon, arriving in Orlando at around 11pm. Hopefully will be installed in hotel room quickly enough (already checked in, we have our room keys -- got to love Disney efficiency) to get to Epcot at opening on Christmas Day.  What a way to spend the holidays!  Magic Kingdom is scheduled for Boxing Day, and then just a little shopping at Disney Springs Thursday & back to Mom's place to have dinner with family.  Will be coming home on Friday. 

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