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Short weekend

Not sure where it all went. 

Planned on doing a great deal more than I ended up doing, but overall I think productive.

We weren't going to get a tree this year because we're going to spend actual Christmas day (and a few days after) with my Mom in Florida, but somehow a tree was purchased and it's now decorated and beautiful in the foyer.  I do love a tree, so I didn't fight against it too hard.

It's been lovely in Arizona lately -- mostly around the mid-60's, cool and comfortable, for a change.  There was even some rain. 

We went to the Tempe Art Festival (the street fair) last week and spent some frivolous money. 

I have more or less gotten the new electronics all working, and finally got a contact email back from the antenna guy.  Said he'd call today, but they did not -- hopefully they will tomorrow.  I may need a new HDMI cable, though; the one that connects Tivo to the receiver seems to not "catch" 100% properly -- we get patches of blanks and the sound cuts out, and when I rewind and re-view, I see the actual picture is fine, so after some experimentation, determined that the cable/connection has to be the cause. 

Saturday we went and bought the tree, Sunday we decorated and did a little shopping, and somehow, the day is over.  I just don't know how that happens.

I managed to get a little more music moved over, and two more episodes of Supernatural down, as well as the week's worth of new shows ("The Good Place," YAY!)  

I don't want to go to work tomorrow...


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