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Falling Down

 Well, so much for that.  At least I've been getting in some practice for NEXT year.

I did not get the job.  (For those who missed it, I was interviewing for an analyst position -- a step up from where I am currently, and something I've been interested in for years.  But... someone else was tapped.  So it goes.)  Yes, I'm a little depressed about it, but I'll get along.  It's not like I'm losing anything, I'm just staying right where I am. 

Training.  Yay. 

Anyway...  nothing exciting going on, although I've been trying to think of something interesting.  The last week or so has gone by in a bit of a blur - I meant to do a great deal more, but somehow here it is Wednesday a week later and BAM, already nearly 9 pm, as well.  Geez. 

My brain is writing, but things aren't getting to paper.  I haven't finished with moving music to this computer.  My old iPod is finally giving up the ghost and I need to get it loaded so I can fix up the new one (found on eBay) -- wondering if it would be faster to dig out all my CDs and re-rip them or continue with the digital transfers; I have piles and piles of crap around me waiting for me to get to it.  

Anything else? Hell, yeah, but it's late and I'm not thinking anymore. 

Maybe I'll actually think of something else tomorrow.  And yes, I'll try to be better....

Tags: life sucks, nothing in particular, the usual crap
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