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  • Mon, 19:05: RT @OregonJOBS2: December Doggo https://t.co/AWGgbuy7WS
  • Mon, 19:47: A good haircut grows out almost instantly. A bad haircut stays forever. #Hats
  • Mon, 20:31: The other housing crisis: Cities where home prices are low because people have left https://t.co/0PjsQ7z958
  • Mon, 20:43: RT @DanRather: GOP power grabs in Wisconsin and Michigan undermine the foundation of our republic. The whole idea of elections is they have…
  • Tue, 08:36: RT @EricHolder: Citizens in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina must make their voices heard. Don’t let our democracy be stolen.…
  • Tue, 08:37: RT @HamillHimself: Be Advised-There was no ONE lightsaber I used in the films, but many, MANY, both for myself & my stunt-double. Multiple…
  • Tue, 08:41: RT @MillenPolitics: The United States, Canada & Mexico just renegotiated NAFTA. To finalize it, they had a joint signing ceremony. Dona…
  • Tue, 10:39: RT @AnneWheaton: 🎶I don't want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need Single payer health insurance Equal rights so all succeed…
  • Tue, 10:40: RT @BadAstronomer: I just deleted my Tumblr account. They have every right to manage the content on their service, but I don’t have to agre…
Tags: #hats, #protectcadesert, #remembering41, twitter
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