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Where did the weekend go?

 I really meant to post yesterday, but the world seemed to explode.  Before I knew it, it was late evening and I was getting into bed and I thought, "Hey, I didn't post."  Well, I already broke my streak by not hitting "post" on Friday night, so...

After much time spent on hold and a lot of hair-pulling, we have a sound system that's working!!!  I ended up just attaching my old speakers to the shiny new system, and they really aren't up to the task, but at least they work!  We managed to get first regular TV, then the Roku stick, and the DVD player -- all three now through one system instead of multiple settings, but now I'm up to five remotes instead of two...

I still need to contact the antenna install guy to have a real outdoor antenna put on the roof, just like the Good Old Days.  There is one up there, and has been since we moved in, but I don't know how long it's been since it was attached to anything...

So anyway, weekend -- I had meant to spend at least three days of just sitting around working on moving music from one computer to the other, watching Supernatural and maybe doing some knitting.  Instead apparently mostly I cooked, cleaned, shopped, and set up electronics.  I did not move one song or watch one episode.  We did plant several new vines and hung up more of our rusty decorations (pictures eventually), and the yard looks GREAT.  I can't believe it's the same one.  

So this evening.... finally chilling and watching my new system, with sound coming through my fancy new receiver -- just network TV at the moment, I have to see how the Blu-Ray player does (testing looked Mighty Fine).  

Everything is in readiness for our trip to Florida to spend Christmas with my mom, except for online check-in, which can't be done until three days prior -- I have to remember to do that.  We have our Fast Passes (only allowed three per day in advance; I forget exactly what and when I scheduled, but I know there was of course the Haunted Mansion in there), our dinner reservations, and our check in time confirmed; I love all this "do it all online and save the lines!" stuff Disney has going for it.

When I contacted Mom about spending Christmas with her, I honestly pictured just a couple of days chillin' in her condo and visiting her friends, checking out the restaurants around Vero and maybe some shopping -- but when she said "do you want to do Disney?" I couldn't say no -- especially when she phrased it as "since Ruthie died, no one will go with me!" If it's for her, of COURSE we'll sacrifice all and go to Disney for Christmas!  We'll even do Epcot, since that's her favorite.  (Wish we had time for the Animal Kingdom again -- that's MY favorite... or close, with Magic Kingdom, but you have to get up early to do Animal Kingdom justice, and since we're flying in red-eye, I don't expect we'll be early risers.)

More things to do, and yet it's already past 9.  How do people actually manage a "bedtime"???  
Tags: chilling, counting the days until retirement, disney, mom, shopping, technology

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