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Thinky Thoughts 1.3

And now today's entry.

Managed to sleep in a little, but the animals wanted us UP, so up we got. Did some work in the yard and then set out to check out some places locally, including our favorite rusty junk dealer.  Bought some more rusty junk and brought it home to continue with decorating our yard. Dug some holes, but forgot to stop and get more mulch, so will have to plant them tomorrow. 

Discussed what we'd like to do for our Christmas present, and determined we'd get a new sound system.  Bought a new receiver, DVD player, and speaker.  Not ALL  compatible.  Still need more speakers for the receiver, but the speaker we DID get works nicely with the television, and the new receiver gets nice reception so far.  Will need those speakers to try out the streaming and radio stations, though...  New technology, sigh.  Not sure why it didn't COME with speakers to begin with, since it basically does nothing without speakers attached to it. (Well, not NOTHING, but no sound comes out!)

The main reason we chose this is because we wanted to get rid of all the wires strung all over the living room, and that may be a problem since this receiver doesn't have wireless speakers.  But we'll see what we can do.  At the very least, I'm going to try something different if I DO end up all wired again. 

Last night I took off my ring and I THOUGHT I put it in the pocket of my pajamas, then forgot about it -- and now I can't find it at all.  It's not like I have any lack of rings, mind you, but I would like to find THIS one.  I rather like it.  (It's an ouroboros with green gem eyes.) 

Anyway, after setting up most of the new sound system, I collapsed and finally had a turkey sandwich, one of my prime motivators the day after Thanksgiving. 

Now I want something else, and I don't know what.  I'm trying to keep myself from scrounging all over the kitchen trying to "find" what it is I want....  

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