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Thinky Thoughts 1.2

 I still feel some amount of wonder at being off on the Friday after Thanksgiving, although I have had an office job allowing same for more than twenty years.  My time in retail must have left a deep scar. 

We don't usually do Black Friday.  Today we puttered around, did the laundry, then walked the dog, went to Costco to pick up some stuff (Costco likewise does not Black Friday, and it was pretty much as crowded as it is every weekend), then picked up some milk, and went to buy more plants for the backyard.

Finished off with an installment of our fantasy RPG, which was fun (a whole adventure mostly consisting of walking through the woods in the rain, and it was STILL fun), then home again.

I felt the need to spend most of this weekend trying to get something (mostly involving sitting on my butt working on the computer, mind you) done.  So far I haven't been too good at this. 

Now we have to clear out a LOT of leftovers, since we'll be out of town for the week of Christmas. (Going to Florida to spend the week with my mom.) 

Dagnabbit, I was supposed to post this last night and I apparently got distracted.  Broke my posting streak! 
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