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Thinky Thoughts, 1.1

 New beginning, new thinky thoughts. 

Turkey is resting in the brine.  Pie is in the freezer.  Sides are ready to be prepared.  All is in readiness for feasting.

A little downcast, since this will be the first Thanksgiving without Mom (Barb's Mom, whom I called "Mom 2") -- I think we've been feeling her absence lately.  But I think it will be a good day.  And hopefully a good weekend - I'm really looking forward to a four-day weekend; I hope I can get more (if not all) of my music moved over to this computer, which I would love, and get everything set up so I can reload my iPods (something I haven't done since I closed out the old computer).  And we will have friends over, at least.  

Speaking of the old computer, I stopped at the local computer shop, who said it's not worth them buying, but if I can get someone to buy it "as is" (I've scrubbed the drive and restored to factory settings) that's the way I can get the best price for it -- he said he could offer me $25, but he didn't think he could fix it and sell it for anything, SO....

If you know anyone who wants a "starter computer," laptop, 4 Gigs of RAM (non-upgradeable, alas), touch screen, LARGE hard drive (I forget, but it's a couple gig, which is what I had initially liked about it), and some bad pixels on the screen... I won't ask more than $25 and shipping, unless you're local.  I also posted it on Next Door (local) -- I don't trust Craigslist anymore. 

I did write something in the last couple of years.  I set it aside and meant to do more with it for NaNo, but I never got started on that... (sob, two years running); unfortunately, while I THOUGHT I'd sent it home I can't seem to find it now.  ARGH.  It used to be so easy to write, it was like breathing.  Now it's like pulling teeth.  Healthy teeth. 

Now I have to go find that vignette.  I'm going to be mad if I've lost that damned thing...  

Tags: festivities, food, thanksgiving, writer's block, writing

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