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From the Sludge There Comes...

Today was the longest day in the history of long days.  Of course, a "short" week is always by definition very long, but these days my job has become increasingly annoying in minor ways; I still love what I do, but I don't like a number of my expected duties -- therefore, when they posted for a position I HAVE actually wanted, a LOT, I posted for it.  I have been tapped for an interview.  SQUEEEE.  I'm nervous, and anxious, and determined - I really want this job.  It's an analyst position, so there is a lot of it I don't know how to do YET, but I know I could learn, and NO ONE knows more about this department than me, hands down. Supervisors come to me for assistance -- I know my job. I want this position. It means a bit more money and a higher pay grade overall, AND keeps me doing something I already do (mostly) with some additional responsibilities. 

I want. 

 Still a bit coughy, but overall somewhat better -- tired (stupid cats), and my nose hurts from endless drainage, but I THINK it's clearing up. 

Back in June or July I was diagnosed with sleep apnia and given a c-pap machine.  It's been okay, but the last several nights (after my cold), the mask has started leaving a nasty red rash on my face.  I have to call and find out what I can do to reduce that.  Of course, I'm sure it's the cold that's made the lower part of my nose red from all the snoofling and snorting and post-nasal dripping

My new fitbit (off-brand) thinks it's on Hawaiian time, I think.  it's showing ten minutes (15:48) to 4 instead of ten minutes to 7 (17:48). 

For some reason it's not bothering me this year that all this Christmas stuff has started before Thanksgiving.  Usually I demand Christmas doesn't start until Santa arrives in Herald Square.  

I'm making a French Silk pie for Thursday; the crust is made, and the butter is softening; I'll put it int the freezer before I go to bed tonight (I hope).  

Getting all ready for the ritual sacrifice.  With pie.  

I really need to update more of my icons. 

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