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And Sunday makes 3

Firm trio, and I have managed to log three successive blog posts in a row.

Today watched several more episodes of Supernatural, taking us about four episodes into Season 11.  I guess at some point they decided they didn't need to wrap up storylines to conclude a season.   

Finishing up on the week's shows - DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the best show of all the DC shows (no disrespect meant to the rest of the, but I'm a Legends nut). 

Tomorrow can watch today's Doctor Who. 

I did not do anything else useful today.  I slept until nearly noon (which I have not done in AGES), then got up and puttered around.  I did move some more music over to this machine -- sooner or later all 20,000 songs will be on this machine, hopefully well before I need to upgrade the computer again.  I honestly did try to move everything other electronically, but my old music machine does not connect to the new WiFi (from the time we got the new router, my old Jonathan Strange was obsolete -- new technology is both wonderful and horrible), so I'm moving over files via a flash drive, which sometimes works and sometimes requires me to input the information.  I just had one where several tracks were missing, so I'm going to have to drag out the CDs from storage and re-rip the thing from the original disc... and this is why I never get rid of anything.  New tech might possibly read old tech, but you need the old tech handy.

I did not do anything else useful today. 

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