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Second Post in a Row

 And so I will continue to try to blog regularly.  

Today we went to see "The Crimes of Grindelwald."  I liked it, but then, I know I'm easy to please.  Yes, it's dense and cluttered and messy, but I still found it engrossing and entertaining, and besides -- Newt.  (I :heart: Newt Scamander. That is all.) 

Re-watching last week's Doctor Who.  Lots of sniffles. Yes, I love this Doctor. I say it again. 

I don't have a great deal to say, but it's been a good one.  We got up and chose a spot to plant my sugar cane (I bought it rooted in a pot at the farmer's market a few weeks back), started the water to soften the ground, and then went to buy some mulch to do the planting.  Then to the pet store for cat food to feed our forty four cats, and then groceries for the week, including the upcoming holiday.

It will be a quiet one, but I hope a good one. 

Then the movie, and came home to watch the off-Broadway show "Puffs" on streaming (a fan-fic fest about the Hufflepuffs during that exciting 7-year run at Hogwarts). Finished off the peach pie.  

Now I need to kick my own butt and see if I can write some fiction.  Still haven't heard back from GoDaddy.  Maybe I'll have time to do more of that tomorrow.  Still want to get all my music transferred. Not enough time in the days....

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