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How to come out of blog block? I haven't written anything much in months -- years, I think. I think I stopped writing, everything, when the ransomware hit my machine and curtailed all the work I had been involved in. Not that it was much, but I was writing. And since then...?

Well, I've done some writing critiques; I've edited a couple of my old novellas (I was pleased to find a lot of my older work on my old hard drives and delightfully on a flash drive I was using to move files from my old machine to my new one) - and I tweet. I do tweet an awful lot. But I haven't done any work.

I got notice that my old website, the domain of which I've been keeping payments going on for, is full of malware, so I went to try and take it all down, but it's not letting me, so I put in a notice on the host site to say "hey, I can't fix it if you won't let me delete shit." So now I'm pondering -- do I actually put together a REAL website, with my writing and everything, or do I try to sell my domain? I found something that said I could get as much as $800 for it. But on the other hand... it's my website domain. But then I'd have to figure out how to actually, you know, DESIGN A PAGE or something useful like that.

I don't know if this will cross-post to LiveJournal or Twitter. I THINK I have it set up to do so, but I can't be sure. My time on the web has been largely involved with reading webcomics and playing Flight Rising for the past two years. Which sucks, I know.

Me? What all have I been up to? Politics, just in case loyal readers (ha) have been skimming past all my tweets and re-tweets. I also have been reading a great deal, both re-reading old favorites and discovering new loves. Have I been spinning in this same groove for a year? Two? More? I really don't know anymore.

I jumped it at work and applied for a high-level position as a business analyst. It requires really, REALLY getting out of my comfort zone, even just to take a deep breath and get through the interview. I know I can do the job -- but first I have to clear that hurdle, which is always the tough part for me. Making the jump.

I love the new Doctor.

I have been watching Supernatural for the first time -- I'm almost finished with Season 10. I love Castiel. 

I have gotten back into RPGs.  Fun. 

I'm trying to get some old yarn projects done, too.  

Life only gets better.

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