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  • Mon, 06:35: RT @MacMcKinseyIV: Chuck Grassley: Age 85 Orrin Hatch: Age 84 Richard Shelby: Age 84 Jim Inhofe: Age 83 Pat Roberts: Age 82 Lamar Alexa…
  • Mon, 06:35: RT @CNN: Across the US, more cities are ditching Columbus Day to honor the people who were there first -- and who suffered greatly after Co…
  • Mon, 06:38: RT @nowthisnews: 'We all look at Kavanaugh and we see some similarities to things that happened in our lives.' — This man perfectly describ…
  • Mon, 07:33: RT @shannonrwatts: What it looks like when a reporter isn’t just asking questions, but is holding an interviewee accountable with the facts…
  • Mon, 07:34: RT @IamShaneMorris: If you'd like to run for office in 2020, and you're a young, progressive candidate, in a (currently) red state -- my co…
  • Mon, 07:36: I love this. https://t.co/Of6OUZzOUt
  • Mon, 09:24: RT @NanaTamara21: Just got asked by a 76-year-old life-time Republican neighbor to please help her change her affiliation to democrat.💙💃🏻👊🏻…
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