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  • Sun, 12:25: RT @KATVMelinda: This is how we “wedding” in SE Arkansas. It’s a gravy fountain with biscuits on the side! https://t.co/h9rDr2t0cW
  • Sun, 12:35: Perspective | Famous ladies aren’t ‘flaunting’ their ‘bikini bodies.’ They’re just going to the beach. https://t.co/6su4eQtnst
  • Sun, 12:40: Opinion | So much for the presidency https://t.co/DSEavIWvFa
  • Sun, 12:55: RT @MuslimIQ: In the 8th century a Muslim Mathematician named Abdullah Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi (780 – 850) developed Algebra. Known…
  • Sun, 12:56: RT @MuslimIQ: The Golden Age of Spain is literally called this b/c under the rule of Muslim Moors, Christians, Jews, & Muslims lived in pea…
  • Sun, 12:57: RT @MuslimIQ: In the 18th Century, Morocco—a Muslim majority nation—became the world's first nation to recognize the sovereignty of a new n…
  • Sun, 12:57: RT @MuslimIQ: America’s Founding Fathers praised Islam & Qur’an: •Pres Jefferson studied Islam & owned a Qur’an •Prophet Muhammad is litera…
  • Sun, 12:59: RT @TranslateRealDT: And when you do study Joseph McCarthy, you'll find out that his ruthless Chief Counsel, Roy Cohn, became none other th…
  • Sun, 13:35: Opinion | What will finally turn Trump’s supporters against him? https://t.co/O7lOJYJhXB
  • Mon, 08:57: RT @StevenBrust: If you want to be a writer, I think the best training you can get is to spend a few years working as a super-villain. *Co…
  • Mon, 09:02: RT @StevenBrust: Take it from someone older and wiser: Don't listen to anyone who claims to be older and wiser.
  • Mon, 11:59: RT @MelissaakaMom: John Oliver made an important distinction tonight. Tariffs are not paid by the country they are imposed on. The U.S. com…
  • Mon, 11:59: RT @IvePetThatDog: I pet Maxine. She is a 1 year old Shiba Inu mix. She is a good listener who is very energetic. Maxine likes to chase squ…


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