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I still don't feel 100%, but there's nothing like a brand-new episode of "Making Fiends" to bring a smile to one's face. I'm tired and draggy and my mind isn't working so well, which makes for very slow editing. Words not work right.

It was a good weekend for Baldur's Gate, plus a delicious dinner (thanks, sillymagpie!), and a few episodes of Deadwood, which I like, but I don't know if I would "get into" it like some others. I'll have to see how the rest of the season pans out. But first we have to rent some monster movies for Halloween, o'course.

Okay, all those with TiVo: Tell me, what is the $29.95 a month subscription fee? How does that work? My friend at work says she had to do no such thing, just brought it home and plugged it in and it worked. I'm confused by this new technology which I covet but don't understand.

More overtime this week. Good for pockets, bad for self. Must sleep now.


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Oct. 17th, 2005 04:56 am (UTC)
Heh. I tried watching Deadwood. I timed it...and counted the f-word being used 7 times in 5 minutes. I KID you not. I had a LONG conversation with a LJ friend at the time, who is DEEP into research and a few of the words they LIKE using, are NOT even remotely used at that time period. I found the show/dialog poorly written and couldn't sit through 15 minutes...so I gave up. I can't STAND shows whose claim to fame is that it's "gritty" and the reason its gritty is because they say the f word every other sentense. Ugh.

Oh, another LJ friend who LOVED the show defended the show saying they researched that show. I was like, "Uh, excuse me...NO." I researched victorian terms for my novel and found two HUGE problems with the dialog right off the bat. If they researched that show, I would be very surprised.

I have no problem if a show is just a show on its own merits...but NEVER tell me "its historically correct" when it ain't. Like that King Arthur movie a few years back. They advertized it as "the true story." Uh, excuse me? And I'm SURE it was. ::Hack-hack::
Oct. 17th, 2005 11:03 am (UTC)
Well, I won't argue with you on that subject, then. Bear in mind it's my personal best-known historical place and period, which I have researched and love to study and read about, and I do believe its general accuracy (as does the editorial and writing staff of "True West" magazine, which is where I read about the show and got interested in it), but there it is.

I don't believe that a lot of things are as "true to life" as they say they are, of course; they make mistakes like crazy in everything (for example, it's coming to be accepted that the most-famous portrait of Doc Holliday probably ain't him), and nothing is going to be perfect. But in general, I'm willing to bet men of that time and place did cuss up a storm, whether it was "the f-word" or not.
Oct. 17th, 2005 05:29 am (UTC)
Hi, I run tivolovers, and I'll be your TiVo expert this evening. ;-)

The monthly subscription fee is $12.95, not $29.95. $12.95 for the first unit, and $6.95 for each additional unit on the account. Alternatively you can get a lifetime subscription, which is a one-time $299 fee. I recommend lifetime, and have had it on all five TiVos I've owned. (I have 2 now, I've sold 3 as I've upgraded.)

Lifetime is more up front, but it is a better value. It is basically the same cost as 2 years of monthly payments - and that's if monthly doesn't go up in that time. Also, you have equity in the unit - it is like buying vs. renting. If you go monthly at the end of two years you've paid the money, but have nothing in hand. If you ever decide to upgrade to a newer TiVo you can resell the old one, and the lifetime sub goes with the box so it greatly increases the resale value - basically the box is worth $300 more when sold with lifetime.

So, what does it get you? Well, most TiVos are doorstops without a subscription. The only exceptions are the Pioneer and Toshiba DVD-RW TiVo combo units, which include TiVo Basic. TiVo Basic is a very limited version of the service, and you can upgrade to 'TiVo Plus', which is the full subscription.

TiVo's are sold on basically a cell phone model - they lose money on the hardware and make money on the subscription. That's why a 40 hour TiVo is just $50 (after rebate) now. They cost a lot more than that to produce.

The service gets you the guide data the unit uses to schedule recordings and activates all of the TiVo features. All the recording abilities - Season Passes, Wishlists, manual recording, etc. Music and photo support - if you put the TiVo on a network you can look at photos from your PC or listen to your MP3s via the TiVo. Scheduling recordings via the TiVo website when you're away from home. TiVoToGo - moving shows from the TiVo to a PC, and from a PC to the TiVo. (And it is easy to convert those shows for other devices - like the PSP, iPod video, etc. - or burn them to DVD.) Home Media Engine support - HME is an interface for 3rd parties to write software for TiVo, and there are some extremely cool things available, nearly all free.

So it gets you a lot - and I think it is very much worth it.

If you have any questions about TiVo, I'm happy to answer them - or just drop by tivolovers :-)
Oct. 17th, 2005 11:05 am (UTC)
Thank you! :)

I thought the lifetime service looked best. Now I have another major purchase to consider!

Oct. 17th, 2005 11:20 am (UTC)
Okay, just one quick question -- I have digital cable. With TiVo, is it possible to watch and record two different stations at once?
Oct. 17th, 2005 05:02 pm (UTC)
To a degree. The cable box can only tune one channel at a time, so the normal way you'd do this is to use an RF splitter on the cable before the box. Send on branch into the box, which connects to the TiVo, and the TiVo controls the cable box. Connect the other branch to the tuner in the TV.

Then you can use the TV's tuner to tune analog channels (usually anything under 100), and the TiVo can tune and record all channels, including the digital channels.
Oct. 17th, 2005 11:19 pm (UTC)
Basically the setup I have now on the two TVs. Thanks again!
Oct. 17th, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC)
My pleasure. You might want to check out tivolovers if you get a box - there are lots of neat things getting released for TiVo and I try to make sure all the news finds its way there. And the info page for the community is full of links to more resources. :-)
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