Kats (wildrider) wrote,

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  • Wed, 08:34: RT @TeaPainUSA: If Obama was caught on tape committin' a felony as tonight's tape proves, Democrats would call for his resignation by morni…
  • Wed, 08:35: RT @StephenAtHome: Trump says Russia is going to attack the midterms to support Democrats. Also the Joker loves Batman, Sauron hates rings,…
  • Wed, 08:35: RT @chrislhayes: Not to be *too* much of a stickler for, like, the constitution and appropriations and such, but where is the $12 billion f…
  • Wed, 08:39: RT @QuancyClayborne: Let me see if I get this straight... - You implement a trade war that most people told you not to do - Other countrie…
Tags: #1stammendment, #art, #bluewave, #melting, #supremecourt, #timelapse, #video, #wow, twitter
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