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  • Thu, 18:48: I want someone to PROVE "sincerity" in these "sincerely-held" beliefs. Republicans vote to make it legal nationwide… https://t.co/SpzdF8QRkS
  • Thu, 18:53: Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Queen Elizabeth Says Bone Spurs Will Prevent Her from Meeting Trump https://t.co/Q6UbisWLss
  • Fri, 06:40: RT @ForeverLogical: @politico Donald Trump said the country would be thrown into upheaval if someone under investigation would be elected.…
  • Fri, 06:42: RT @dscc: Mitch McConnell blocked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, and now he's not following his own #McConnellRule. Donate in Mit…
  • Fri, 06:42: RT @TeaPainUSA: While Trump cheats on his wives and Republicans defend a pedophile enabler. ->@Jim_Jordan https://t.co/uWSuDf2lNq
  • Fri, 06:42: RT @nutmeg3isme: Besides which he texted negatively about Hillary, Bernie & Sally Yates, too. And he could have leaked the investigation in…
  • Fri, 06:42: RT @TitusNation: GOP has blocked funding for Gun Violence Research, again. After all that has happened, after all the innocent dead, 550,…
  • Fri, 11:45: RT @TitusNation: England, apologies. Ireland, apologies, Germany, apologies, Canada, apologies. South Korea, apologies, Africa, sincere a…
  • Fri, 11:51: RT @ItsMeCathi: Trump is standing in front of Theresa May and blaming Russia's takeover of Crimea on Obama and STILL refuses to say one, si…
Tags: #mcconnellrule, twitter
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