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  • Wed, 16:08: RT @JasonHalle: * Our Country needs to be Ruled by Law, Not by a #DICTATOR * Our Supreme Court shouldn't be PACKED with YES MEN that Twist…
  • Wed, 16:11: RT @brycetache: The GOP breaks every rule. Crosses every line. Tells any lie. Dems in Congress MUST start fighting harder. All of them. Fro…
  • Wed, 17:41: RT @BetteMidler: Call #MitchMcConnell and tell him you expect him to wait until the midterms are over, as he did, when President Obama put…
  • Wed, 17:42: So why do Evangelicals care so much about what us sinners do here on Earth? I thought they were all about the "next life." 🙄
  • Wed, 17:42: RT @AngryBlackLady: people react to “abolish ICE” like the agency was created by fucking George Washington himself. “Abolish ICE? Well, I…
  • Wed, 17:43: RT @Manglewood: I wonder how all the people who told me to go fuck myself over this tweet are doin' today. Few people get their ideal candi…
  • Wed, 17:45: That's what we were told before - the American people should be able to weigh in on this. Let us choose. It's an E… https://t.co/zPY6zZMEo2
  • Wed, 17:45: RT @ChristFinnegan: Dem senators, repeat after me: “The President of the United States is under investigation for collusion with a foreig…
  • Wed, 17:46: RT @fontfolly: Let’s be honest. The GOP decided it’s a worse crime to be a Black man and President than a white man who conspired with a fo…
  • Wed, 17:47: RT @SenSchumer: In 2016, Senate Republicans said that the American people deserve an opportunity to speak on Supreme Court nominees. Now…

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