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  • Thu, 21:09: RT @nutmeg3isme: Read the comments for more examples of this company's racist/anti-semitic designs. What the ever-loving fuck was @FLOTUS "…
  • Thu, 21:09: RT @Marmel: While Trump was kidnapping children, Republicans were using kids in cages a diversion to attack everyone else. Baby human shie…
  • Thu, 21:09: RT @Stonekettle: Now, are we done with this bullshit? Do you see it NOW? It's not Stockholm Syndrome. Melania Trump wasn't kidnapped. O…
  • Thu, 21:10: RT @NathanHRubin: The people who hid Anne Frank were breaking the law. The people who killed her were following it. “Following orders”…
  • Thu, 21:11: RT @TheDailyShow: PROPAGAND-OFF! Fox News vs. North Korean State TV https://t.co/B9CfxgN0XC
  • Fri, 07:41: RT @NickKristof: Hmm, Nikki Haley should examine poverty in America. She'd find that 3 million US kids live in "extreme poverty"--less than…
  • Fri, 07:50: RT @GeorgeTakei: Biden: I told Melania to wear it. Obama: You what? Biden: I told her she looked good in that olive Zara Jacket. That she…
  • Fri, 07:53: Considering some appear to think he's been sent by God, I would think the answer to this question is yes. https://t.co/qVEkpUgW8s
  • Fri, 07:55: RT @JohnJHarwood: disgrace to the news business https://t.co/obrwRu6k9M
  • Fri, 07:57: RT @TopherSpiro: BREAKING: The House GOP just voted a budget bill out of committee that fast tracks ACA repeal and $2 TRILLION in cuts to M…

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