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  • Wed, 16:54: I think I posted this before, but it bears repeating: Thread by @rebeccavallas: "Now would be a good time to read t… https://t.co/GGU6Md9Tpe
  • Wed, 16:54: RT @TranslateRealDT: Imagine how much wasteful spending we’d save if we didn’t have... ...Trump spending $67,000,000 on golf; ...Mnuchin s…
  • Wed, 16:59: Even better, he's a member of Trump's Health, Fitness and Nutrition panel! https://t.co/Nj9gPUwPEO
  • Wed, 17:01: RT @TheGoodGodAbove: For years Trump demanded proof about where Obama was born and if he was a citizen. But we can’t ask where his wife Me…
  • Wed, 17:06: RT @PoliticalEmilia: I’m 15. How is it that I knew what happened during the War of 1812, but the president didn’t? Stop calling the preside…
  • Wed, 17:07: RT @gregolear: Canada did not torch the White House during the War of 1812. Canada DID, however, commit many troops to the D-Day mission i…
  • Wed, 17:08: RT @krassenstein: When the President thinks that a war which happened 206 years ago is a bigger threat to our "National Security" than Russ…
  • Wed, 17:09: RT @HISTORY: When the British burned down the White House during the War of 1812, it was First Lady Dolley Madison who saved a portrait of…
  • Wed, 17:10: RT @RealDonaldTrFan: Just had a BIG FIGHT with Canada's Justin Trudeau! I'M ANGRY! He WRONGLY says Canadiens (America's #1 ENEMY), DIDN'T b…
  • Wed, 17:13: RT @krassenstein: It's so nice to know that our President now considers our staunchest ally, Canada, a "national security threat" because o…


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