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LJ Interests meme results

  1. buffy the vampire slayer:
    It was tiirz who first got us into the show. We lived in terror of it because we'd actually gone to the theatre to see the movie, and I think it scared our eyes (although I still think Paul Reubens' death scene was a scream). She finally dragged us in somewhere toward the end of Season 3, and by the time Season 4 premiered, it was our weekly get-together. I have to admit I preferred "Angel" right from the start; I had few, if any, trappings of Angel coming out of Buffy--I hadn't seen much of Season 1 or 2 at that point--and I liked AtS better, but watched them both. Of course, then sometime after the end of Season 5 I became a Spuffy Widow, so the show still looms large in our household.
  2. cats:
    I've been in love with cats since I was a baby. There are baby pictures of me with my calico cat (I don't even remember him/her), and it says specifically in my baby book that "Kathy loves her kitty-cat." I ran through a lot of cats in early years--they didn't seem to survive well in Black Rock, New Mexico--then Lester, a tabby-point silvery-blue Siamese, came along and he was my darling for nearly 15 years. Since then we always have to have at least one, but two to three seems to be the norm.
  3. collecting:
    I am a pack rat. I can't deny it. I love things and I gather them to me with an insane passion. Some things I collect for a while and then stop; bottles, on the other hand, I've been collecting since I was 11 or so, with no sign of stopping, although I did recently weed out a few of the more ordinary ones. In the main I collect bitte bottle reproductions (I'd get the real thing if I were wealthy) and Jim Beam whiskey bottles.
  4. country music:
    I grew up in a household where we listened to both kinds of music -- Country AND Western. I went through my rebellious teens and got into rock of various kinds, and I like many kinds of music, but at the end of the 80's I came back to country and there I've been still. Now, when I say "country music" I mean REAL country music, not that nansy-pansy crap that Nashville cranks out via the boy bands and pop divas. I'm talking down-and-dirty honky-tonkin' country music, that lovely sinnin' on Saturday Night and repentin' on Sunday Morning stuff, the "music of pain" (I love Xander for that line). There are about two, maybe three, mainstream artists who still actually record country music--most of the rest have either been banished from most corporate-owned airwaves (all the classic artists, old and new music alike), or never made it there (unless there is an Americana station around). I loathe and despise the Telecommunications Act of 1996, because that's exactly the time when Nashville's pop-country machine took over and country radio started to SUCK. (And I can go on and on and on about this subject...)
  5. dale watson:
    See "country music" above. Dale Watson is probably the second-best honky-tonk singer alive today (Merle Haggard is still #1). He plays out of Austin, Texas (for now), and his discs are some of the BEST ever recorded. If you like honky-tonk music, then Dale Watson is an absolute must. Dale writes his songs, has a powerful baritone voice, plays killer guitar, and, to top everything off, he's a tremendous gentleman and one of the nicest folks I've had the pleasure of meeting.
  6. futurama:
    This was a show that never got the recognition it should have! It was weird and wise and wacky and all those things that somehow have kept The Simpsons on the air for 16 years but couldn't get Futurama out of the basement. The longest season it got was only 20 episodes. It was constantly pre-empted by football. And as goofy as that show always was, there is still one episode {Jurassic Bark that made me cry (and it won an Emmy, too). What I'm not sure of is why I don't have these on DVD yet...
  7. house:
    What can I say? Hugh Laurie makes a nasty piece of work into one of the best characters currently on television. If I knew how to make up a good meme, I'd make a "Which Curmudgeonly TV Doctor Are You?" with answers including Dr. Gregory House, Dr. Jeffrey Geiger (Chicago Hope), Dr. Perry Cox (Scrubs), Dr. Mark Craig (St. Elsewhere), Dr. Charles Emerson Winchester (M*A*S*H), and whoever else I could dream up...
  8. lost:
    I know there's a lot of folks disillusioned with it, but I like it still. If only for Hurley.
  9. religion:
    I believe in the soul and the spirit and in God. I'm not sure if I believe in the church anymore.
  10. television:
    I watch TV all the ding-dang-diddly-dang time. Homer quote: "TV... Mother! Teacher! Secret lover...!" Okay, maybe I don't love it THAT much...

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I talk too much. I guess that's why we call them "interests."
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