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I was paid today, but I won't have any actual money until the NEXT paycheck, which is the third of the month (so it's theoretically extra), plus it'll have a bunch of overtime hours on it. When it comes, though, I think I will set aside some of it to have the Kitten on the Porch fixed and given shots. He's starting to tomcat around and I feel I ought to be responsible, even if I don't technically own him. Especially when he showed up with a big ol' scab on his back that obviously hurts, since he won't let me touch it, and this morning after I gave him breakfast I went out and found him cowering under the table whilst Big Orange ate his food. Big Orange ran off.

I couldn't find the picture where Nagin REALLY looked like Rickman. It was in the NY Times a few days ago.

I have a stack of reviews to do about ninety miles high. Billy Joe Shaver, the Highwaymen, and Roy Rogers are due next Friday; then two Rosanne Cash discs; then Curt Kirkwood, Bobby Bare's new one, and Cross Canadian Ragweed. The latter is yet another that's got stupid anti-piracy stuff on it which makes me unable to listen to it at work. Well, just means I don't really give it the listening it deserves, 'cause that's where I do my best listening.

I'm trying to get that final draft done, but I'm only getting a few pages done a night. A lot of Della's scenes are for some reason coming out almost totally re-written (I know my heroine, but she's hard to bring across; several people have noted it. Muse, muse).

I have to work more overtime tomorrow. Lord, I'm tired.
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