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  • Tue, 05:55: RT @TeaPainUSA: Tillerson’s last words: “UK spy clearly poisoned. Response coming.” Rex was right. Here’s the response... https://t.co/i
  • Tue, 05:58: RT @ChrisMurphyCT: My day: First, Trump and Republicans handed over the keys to the school violence debate to the gun industry. Second, m…
  • Tue, 05:58: RT @JohnBrennan: Leadership of House Intel Committee has traded last vestige of integrity for politics. With other investigative shoes yet…
  • Tue, 05:58: RT @LuciferonFOX: Will #Lucifer face his mistakes head-on? 🤷‍♂️ Join us next week, same time and place, to find out. https://t.co/cNQtWQZp
  • Tue, 05:59: RT @Ocasio2018: ICE has kept a 7 year old captive & alone for FOUR MONTHS with no parents around. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Th…
  • Tue, 07:59: Trump wants new authority over polling places. Top election officials say no - The Boston Globe https://t.co/3HWPtNVNVQ
Tags: #lucifer, twitter
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