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Today I listened to a disc I have to review next week, a re-issue of an old disc recorded back in 1973 by Roy Rogers. Now, of course I've known that name my whole life. I doubt few people my age haven't heard of him. But although I grew up with cowboy singers surrounding me, I never really heard Roy sing outside of a rare hit (Hoppy, Gene and Me) and the odd duet version of Happy Trails with Dale Evans, as well as a duet he did back in the 80's with Clint Black. Along with Roy Rogers came a couple of Rex Allen, who I DID hear sing, a lot, as well as speak, all my life; and Tommy Garrett; I'd also just gotten a big compilation disc of cowboy singers like Marty Robbins, Hank Snow, Johnny Cash (singing The Theme from Bonanza--seriously!), Jim Ed Brown, etc., etc.

So anyway, Iconic Roy Rogers. I figured it would be as good as the Rex Allen discs (one of them had been recorded the year Rex died, at 80 years old). So I pop it in and... I never realized before that the great Singing Cowboy really can't sing. I know I don't have pitch as good as my father's was (Dad could hear a clinker a mile away), but I was cringing through some of the songs. So I'm wondering if maybe we never listened to Roy because Dad didn't like singers who couldn't stay on key. At least it's honest, I suppose (no Pro Tools back then). I figure it's mild blasphemy, but really, Rex Allen can sing rings around him. No offense to Trigger.

I re-listened to Blame the Vain and I like it better now. I still think Dwight can do better, but now I like it, especially I Want To Love Again. Dwight will be in Phoenix on October 27, and I am absolutely flat broke, quite aside from the fact that it's a casino show, which means you have to be a VIP (often this means "Tribal Elders and Friends") to get actual good seats--and the "good seats" being offered online are $95 (including the craptacular fees everyplace charges now--I don't know why they don't just put that price on the frelling tickets). I don't like paying that much for a show, especially when they don't have a floor seating available to see WHERE these seats are. I want to go, of course, but I'm mad about the price. So I'm trying to use what media contacts I have to get a press/photo pass (another thing about casino shows; they're touchy about cameras). Wish me luck.

But on the good side, Pete Anderson has done it again with a new solo artist, Curt Kirkwood (formerly of the Meat Puppets). His awesome new disc, Snow, will be out from Pete's Little Dog Records on October 4. I HIGHLY recommend it! I also got the upcoming 10th Anniversary edition of the final disc from The Highwaymen, The Road Goes On Forever. I already had it, of course, but the new edition has a whole bunch of bonus tracks, whoo hoo!

And that's it on the current music front.


Sep. 14th, 2005 05:13 pm (UTC)
They were only sung once, in the pilot. but the characters. As they go riding off into the sunset. I saw a clip once; it scarred me for life.
Sep. 15th, 2005 01:08 am (UTC)
Often the words to TV theme songs do that to people. I do wish I had a copy of the theme song to Tek Wars (or whatever that show was called). edgedancer and I caught the pilot show, and the song was stunningly awful. It was up there with my favorite song from Ishtar: "Telling the truth can be dangerous business/ Honest and popular don't go hand in hand/ If you admit you can play the accordion/ They'll never hire in a rock-and-roll band."

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