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Okay, I committed a little faux pas. I am on a quiet little Angel list where suddenly, despite a complete lack of said things so far, the evil Buffy/Angel 'Ship appeared on the horizon. I sat through a little of it until I finally had to say:

Okay, I know I shouldn't keep this going, but I really want to know...

Why do you want Angel to be forever mooning over Buffy the Manipulative Whiney Little Girl instead of moving on with his life and finding a woman who REALLY loves him, and not just idolizes him as the first lay she ever had? Buffy doesn't even KNOW Angel. She brings out the worst in him (and I don't just mean Angelus). She makes HIM whiney and childish, when on his own show, away from Buffy, he's strong and capable. When he's with her he's always trying to be this knight-in-shining-armor she worships (not LOVES). It's an idealistic childhood romance. It was pretty. But "happily ever after" all depends on where the story ends, and the story for Buffy-n-Angel ended. Both moved on. Now they've been artificially re-joined and it doesn't work because for nearly three years, they had hardly any contact AT ALL. Angel knew nothing of Buffy's life post-resurrection and Buffy knows even LESS about Angel. Does she know he likes old TV shows and Barry Manilow? (I could picture that last one giving her the squick.) Does she know he likes cheesy Charlton Heston movies and the ballet? Does she know about Connor? Did he bother to tell her ANYTHING about his life the last few years?

It's not a love story. It's a sad woman clinging to her high school romance because the rest of her life is so ugly. Angel is better off without her, and I wish to heaven both he and Spike would move on and let Buffy finish baking for the human man she's going to make miserable someday (as JW has said countless times that his Buffy will not end up with a vampire).

I actually got a lot of response from Spuffy folks and a few from non-shippers who just want Angel to move the heck on. But the one really intense B/Aer was hurt to the quick by my words, and told me this:

Posts like yours, Kats, where you post your personal opinion/analysis/reaction to the characters as if it were hard fact, is what rips the fandom up into little tiny pieces, throws them on the floor, and stops the hell out of them, until people are just arguing with each other over stuff. And that's a waste of time.

Wow. I didn't realize I was ripping fandom into little tiny pieces. I feel so ashamed... (hanging head) Okay, maybe I was a teeny, tiny bit brusk in my first post... but heck, I wasn't meaning to tear the whole fandom up.

What I'm really sorry about is I didn't get an answer to any of my questions about Angel...
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