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  • Sun, 19:24: RT @KamalaHarris: We need to guarantee members of our military and furloughed federal workers will receive the pay they deserve during the…
  • Sun, 19:32: Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/9eLOY62FIW
  • Sun, 19:38: RT @BravenakBlog: GOP through the years: 2009: "Let's make Obama a one term president!" 2010: "Fuck Dems!" 2011: "Fuck Dems!" 2012: "Fuck D…
  • Sun, 19:39: RT @BryanDawsonUSA: If liberal means Fighting for equal rights... Fighting for the vulnerable... Fighting for the middle class... Fighting…
  • Sun, 20:29: I swear to gods, the ad for "Trumpy Bear" sounds like something written for SNL. "This CAN'T be real." But OMG, it is.
  • Mon, 04:35: RT @petersagal: Sen Graham: "Steven Miller has been a real outlier for years." The White House: "Senator GRAHAM has been a real outlier fo…
  • Mon, 04:37: FACT CHECK: Is 'Trumpy Bear' a Real Product? https://t.co/VRdNh34adZ
  • Mon, 07:27: RT @ThePlumLineGS: Short thread: 1) Here @kasie reports that John Kelly killed the last-minute compromise that Trump and Schumer were clos…
  • Mon, 07:30: Thread https://t.co/N6Bc6IJtTN
  • Mon, 07:31: RT @Brasilmagic: "Donald Trump now admits to the AP that he did say shit hole countries but did not mean anything racist by the remark. Thi…
Tags: #citizensunited, #squirrelappreciationday, twitter
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